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HOME News AES PHLIPPINES / MASINLOC POWER PARTNERS CO., LTD. Major overhauling work for turbine-generator.

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Major overhauling work for turbine-generator.

No. 03

MHPS (Philippines) Inc. (MHPS-PHL), completed its first turbine overhaul contract which was ordered from AES Philippines / Masinloc Power Partners Co., Ltd., for the inspection and major overhaul activities for Unit No. 1 Turbine-Generator which was carried out from December 16, 2015 to January 26, 2016.

The AES Philippines / Masinloc Power Plant was originally constructed in 1998 as a two (2) units rated at 600 MW Coal Fired Boiler, and located in Zambales Province in the Luzon Region.

The turbine overhaul works was performed by MHPS-PHL with the support of engineers from MHPS Nagasaki Works. During the overhaul, MHPS-PHL performed the inspection and overhaul work for main turbine, major valves, generator, exciter and control panels. MHPS-PHL repaired and replaced deteriorated parts.

The turbine-generator overhauling maintenance lead to a solid heat rate recovery. The Unit No. 1 Turbine-Generator was safely restored to rated load operation with recovered heat rate level.

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